Hi, I’m Carrie Powell

Welcome to Method Seattle – I’m so happy you’re here!

Throughout my life I’ve always gravitated toward organization and efficiency, whether it was in my home, work, kids or the balance of it all.  Pursuing a career while raising a family taught me what a positive impact an organized home and a streamlined life have on your overall happiness.

I know that your life is busy, your calendar is packed and it’s hard to hop off the hamster wheel to give yourself the calming spaces you deserve – you likely don’t have the time or the energy.  What if there was someone you could trust to help streamline your home, your photos or your calendar?

I started this business because I want to help others make space for the things that matter, both in their homes and in their lives.


A little bit about me; I’m a Bay Area girl who went to college on the east coast and have called Seattle home for 23 years. I worked for Nordstrom while raising three Powellings with my husband Jay. They all turned out fine but I wasn’t so sure in the crazy decades of working full time, sports on the weekends, cooking from scratch meals they wouldn’t eat and carting them around to their many activities. I’ve learned some secrets to a balanced life and organized home which are relevant even now that they are mostly flown and my constant companion is my retriever Gus.

I’m a morning person obsessed with healthspan, Bay Area sports, Jane Austen and Peloton. I love to travel, cook and go to the movies with Jay. I also love translating my work and life experience into strategies that make people’s lives easier.

So if you’re looking to get organized, remove a layer of stress you may not even be aware of, tame your photo overwhelm or find products that can help you without spending hours researching online you’ve come to the right place!