Photo Services

Photos tell the stories of our lives. I have a passion for preserving memories that connect us to the people, places, and moments that shape who we are. I’m delighted to share that passion with those who need help organizing, digitizing and sustaining systems for their photo memories so they are easily accessible and ready to be shared, displayed and enjoyed.

Digital Organizing

Overwhelmed by your digital photo collection? My process includes an inventory of photo sources, creating a file structure, removing duplicates and ensuring your collection is searchable, accessible and backed up. Using screen sharing software, I can work on YOUR computer to accomplish many parts of the process – it’s like magic!


  • Small $1000 – 2 sources (e.g. phone + computer)
  • Medium $1500 – up to 5 sources
  • Large* $2500 – 6-10 sources

*Additional sources beyond 10 are an additional $100 per source

Source examples: Phone/iCloud, computer, external hard drive, DropBox, Shutterfly

All packages include initial complimentary consult and steps to maintain your library going forward.


Keep your memories safe and accessible by creating digital copies. We’ll begin with a consult to determine scope and upon completion your originals will be returned to you along with a thumb drive of organized digital copies. If you have purchased a Digital Organization Package I will add your scanned photos to your Master Library.

Scanning Rate

  • Loose Photos 8×10 or smaller $.60/photo

If you are estimating cost a 1 inch stack is roughly 100 photos


Don’t have the time or energy to get your photos into yearbooks? Like the idea of a shareable slideshow video that shows off your photos and tells a story? I’m happy to put your memories into a format you can enjoy and share with friends and family. We’ll begin with a complimentary consult to review your project needs.

Family Yearbook

I’ll turn the photos you select into a book your family will love. You can select the size & finishes that are right for you. Includes up to 110 pages and 500 photos.

$500 + cost of book

Optional Add:

$250 I start with all of your photos from the year and handle the edit for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

A Digital Photo Organizing Session is the solution to your digital photo overwhelm! I first consolidate photos from multiple sources, then sort them into a simple folder structure, remove duplicates, and back it all up to your preferred cloud service provider. Using screen sharing software, I can work on YOUR computer to organize your digital photos… no matter where in the world you are located. You are left with ONE organized Photo Library containing your lifetime of digital photos + videos. And it’s properly backed up to the cloud so you can sleep well knowing your photos are finally safe!

Every project is unique, but most are completed in 3-4 weeks.  Timing varies based on your current state of organization, the number of photos in your collection, the speed of your computer, and your internet strength.

That’s the goal! During the wrap up call I will demonstrate the simple maintenance steps. I will also provide a written maintenance plan that you can reference as needed.

The screen share is a private meeting via Zoom. You have to authorize the screen share each time in order for me to access your computer. When you close the screen share program, I no longer have access to your computer. You are always able to watch me work and see everything that I do. If at any time you need to close the screen share (to take another call or pay some bills online), you can!

I’ve seen ALL the things in my years: Photos of babies being born and made, questionable rashes, plastic surgery, weight loss photos, you name it. Unless there is an editing component to your project, as I’m organizing your photos it’s mostly about software and settings and the technical stuff… I’m rarely interacting with full-screen photos. But again, no judgment & 100% confidential – it’s in the contract we’ll both sign!


I create a digital folder structure that matches your physical organization. For example, if your photos are organized into envelopes labeled by year, I will create digital folders that match those years- each envelope will become its own digital folder. No organization is required for this project- many clients just have boxes of photos!- but any organizing you have, I will match digitally.

My photo organizing pricing is based on the number of disparate sources for digital organizing, the number of photos/slides/negatives for scanning as well as adding data. The total cost will depend on the size of your project and how many components are needed. Some clients opt to layer on additional components later after beginning with a foundational project which spreads out the cost. Once I have sized the initial project at the consultation, we can determine if it can be broken down into multiple projects. For all photo projects, 50% is required up front and the balance is due at project completion.

Every client’s starting place is unique, but the end result is the same, a central Photo Library that is organized into a simple folder structure and properly backed up to the cloud. Typically, photos + videos are organized together into Year/Month folders. If you have existing organization in place (like descriptively labeled folders from the pre-kid days when you had the time to be organized) that you would like to keep, I will do my best to keep that intact and merged seamlessly into the final Photo Library.

You will need to be available for one hour during the initial consultation and then again for one hour during the wrap up call at the end of the project.  During the time in between, I will work independently via screen share and communicate with you via text message.

Nothing – that’s the best part! During the initial consultation I will review the state of your photos and assign homework at that time (if needed). It can be helpful to have a brand new external hard drive for the initial call, but many clients want me to review their situation to determine the appropriate drive capacity so it is not a requirement for the call.

This is a no-judgment, 100% confidential zone. No matter what your current situation is, please don’t feel embarrassed. This is my job and I’m thrilled to partner with you on your photos!

It’s up to you! We’ll cover your preferences in the initial consultation.

If shipping is needed (i.e. if you live outside the Seattle/Eastside metro area) I will provide shipping instructions + a mailing address after the initial consultation. If you’re nervous about shipping, I recommend sending items to me in smaller batches. You don’t need to put everything in one box, at the same time!

All photo services start with a complimentary call and consultation.  During this time we will discuss what projects you would like to work on and the goals you have for your photo memories.  Once we decide to work together we will schedule your sessions and come up with a plan!

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”

– Dr. Seuss