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Anatomy Of A Professional Organizer

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Have you wondered what working with a Professional Organizer looks like? It may seem weird to have a stranger in your home touching your stuff. You might be worried about being judged for the things you’ve accumulated over the years, or the mess your children seem to leave around every corner. Maybe you feel guilty, thinking ‘I really should do this myself.’ All totally normal and understandable reservations. In this post I break down what it actually feels like to work with a Professional Organizer and why it may be the best avenue to create the streamlined, calming home you deserve.


A good Professional Organizer is going to be curious about you and your lifestyle. They will ask you questions about your family and how you use the spaces in your home. They will ask you about traffic flow and what drives you crazy about your house. Then they put all of that info to work designing systems that will help you keep a sustainably tidy home. It shouldn’t be about implementing some cookie-cutter blueprint that applies to everyone but instead using the details about how your family live and interact with your home to design a solution customized for your needs. The more the organization systems in your home are a reflection of you, the better chance you have of sustaining them over time. So remember, the more an organizer knows about your life, the better you will feel when their work is done!

no judgement

Most people want to apologize for the state of their home when a Professional Organizer comes over for a consultation. Some people can’t stop apologizing. And some folks are so paralyzed by the fear of being judged that they never even make it to the consultation. You don’t need to worry, really. A Professional Organizer has seen everything, your house is not going to phase them. Where you see a nightmare a professional sees opportunity. Where you see a trail of your kids’ crap a professional sees a traffic pattern. Where you see a source of stress a professional envisions the transformed product and the systems needed to achieve your goals. So don’t worry about being judged because working with a Professional Organizer means you are entering a judgement-free zone.

a sharp mind

A Professional Organizer’s mind works differently than most people’s. They will find opportunities to optimize for the quality of life in your home; saving you time, money and sanity in the process. A good Professional Organizer is usually gifted in process, which is helpful when designing a space that functions smoothly. They will remove friction points from family routines, help you prioritize to make the most frequently-used items the most accessible, and select storage solutions that enhance the design aesthetic in your home. They can see your space as it will be, not as it is and will also be able to identify the most efficient path to get there. The best best Organizers will also give you insights on how to build good organizational habits yourself and in your family, because they think about this stuff all the time – it’s how their brain works!

a caring heart

Decluttering is hard for a lot of people. Depending on what you are decluttering it can range from monotonous to traumatic, with many variations in between. When you hire a Professional Organizer to help you declutter your home, or your family photos, or a deceased family member’s belongings you are hiring emotional support. A professional should score high on emotional intelligence and be a compassionate presence that helps you through your decluttering journey. Many people are scared that an organizer is going to come in and tell them to get rid of everything they own. Wrong! A professional should help you identify the items that matter to you and why they are worth keeping. They will offer gentle pressure, keeping you on track to achieve your goals. A Professional Organizer can provide a buffer zone between spouses who have different philosophies on what and how much to keep, or what and how often to purge. Basically, an Organizer can move your project forward in a caring, respectful way, giving you a soft place to land while making tough decisions. You can do hard things…especially if you hire a Professional Organizer!

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