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Method For: Transformation

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There is something about the concept of transformation that is deeply appealing to the human psyche. It is all over the media we consume. From the personal makeovers of Queer Eye to the Empire of Home-Makeover shows on HGTV to the Organizing icons Marie Kondo and The Home Edit; transformation-based reality shows are so numerous because they are so successful. There is a reason for that lasting success: those shows make us feel good.

Why is transformation so universally powerful? I suspect 3 reasons. First off, most transformations we consume show visual progress, which is both stimulating and satisfying. Second, as progress is made you begin to feel a sense of control and empowerment, building on the momentum of forward progress. And lastly, overcoming a challenge is a universal trope that is the basis of all human narrative. Every protagonist has to overcome a challenge to transform into a hero.

Transformation in our own homes and lives can be infinitely more powerful than watching it on TV. My clients repeatedly share the feeling of lightness and pride that grows inside them throughout the course of a project. That is because they can see the progress, feel the control and celebrate the conquering of a challenge. And as a bonus they’ve freed up mental capacity that used to be occupied by background stress and worry. Here are 3 ways to achieve your own transformation and tap into the psychological benefits that come with each.

Organize Your Home

Your home is the place you spend the most time and thus represents a huge opportunity for transformation. The exercise of decluttering is at first daunting but then empowering as the weight of too many things is lifted. The functionality and visual appeal of an organized space is in itself powerful, the the process of developing the systems specific to your lifestyle adds an additional sense of personal empowerment. You should come out of a Home Organization project feeling a new sense of control and pride in the place that grounds your family life.

Organize Your Photos

Almost equally powerful is transforming the jumble of photos that exist online, offline and everywhere in between. In each step of the process there is visual progress happening, building momentum as photos are gathered, duplicates eliminated and the library organized. Talk about a feeling of control; having access to all of your life’s memories at your fingertips is extremely empowering. As an extra bonus having access to a library of memories acts as a scaffolding of sorts for your actual memory, continuing to pay mental dividends over time.

Organize Your Life

Perhaps the most satisfying but the least obvious opportunity for transformation is your daily life. Going from harried, exhausted and spiraling to empowered, confident and in-control is a transformation you can actually feel in your body. Many people don’t recognize the opportunity to transform their lives by making small changes in their every day schedules. Identifying goals, developing a mindset and learning strategies for carving out time for yourself to enrich your life are all progressive, substantive milestones you can see while you are on the journey. The feeling of accomplishment and lasting impact on your life are tangible.

Sometimes when I am feeling low I find a cabinet, closet or corner in my home that needs a little transformation. It is guaranteed to pick me up and improve my mood. The array of Transformation TV shows are good for a little escapism; an ephemeral shot of positivity. But the next time you indulge, think about the positive impact that a personal transformation could have on your life. If you a considering the possibility of transforming your home, photos or how to spend your time I’d love to help, just hit the button below to schedule a complimentary consult!

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