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Guest Post: Garage Organization With Kevin Connors

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Summer is a great time to get your garage under control and Kevin Connors of Inspired Organizers has a solution for every category. Kevin offered to share his garage wisdom on Method For The Madness this month, read on for some inspiring garage organizing advice!

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Organizing Your Garage: Choosing the Right Storage

The toughest thing about organizing a garage is knowing where to put its contents, particularly after things have gotten out of hand.  To optimize your garage storage, it’s essential to identify suitable storage solutions for different categories of belongings. In this blog post, we will explore various items typically found in a garage, such as Christmas decorations, hand tools, power tools, garden tools, bicycles, kids toys, camping gear, paint, home hardware, and sports equipment. By understanding the specific storage needs of each item, you can create an organized and functional garage space.


Hand Tools: Screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches, power tools, the list goes on and on, and if you’re a do-it-yourselfer you probably have of these items in your garage than anything else. To keep them easily accessible and well-organized, consider using a pegboard system or a wall-mounted tool rack. These storage solutions allow you to hang your hand tools, making it simple to locate and retrieve them whenever needed. A good work bench often includes peg boards, so consider your options before making the purchase.

Power Tools: Power tools, such as drills, saws, and sanders, are larger and often more valuable than hand tools. To protect them from damage and theft, consider investing in lockable cabinets or sturdy tool chests. These options provide ample storage space and security for your power tools, while also keeping them organized and within reach.

Home Hardware: Items like nails, screws, and bolts require small parts storage solutions. Use compartmentalized storage containers or transparent plastic drawers to keep hardware items organized and easily accessible. Wall-mounted cabinets with small pull-out drawers are also effective for organizing and storing small hardware items.

Paint: Paint cans tend to clutter garages if not stored properly. To keep paint organized and in good condition, store cans upright on sturdy shelves. Consider using wire shelving units or specialized paint storage racks to prevent leaks and make it easier to locate specific colors when needed. If you have a closet or other location to keep your paint in moderate temperatures during hot weather the paint won’t dry out as quickly.


Garden tools, including shovels, rakes, and pruners, can be challenging to store due to their size and shape. Utilizing a combination of wall-mounted tool racks, pegboards, and freestanding organizers can help maximize space and keep your garden tools well-organized. Consider using hooks, brackets, or specialized garden tool racks to secure these items efficiently.


Bicycles can take up significant space in a garage if not stored properly. To save space and keep your bicycles secure, consider installing wall-mounted bike racks or ceiling-mounted hoists. These storage solutions keep your bikes off the floor and allow easy access while freeing up valuable garage space.

Sports equipment, such as balls, bats, and helmets, often accumulate on the top of shelves where they can fall on a vehicle, person or pet. To maintain an organized space, consider using a combination of wall-mounted racks, specialized sports equipment organizers, and freestanding storage units. These solutions will help you keep your sports equipment in good condition and prevent them from getting damaged or lost.


Christmas Decorations are something most people have in their garage, and of course they spend most of the year there. To protect delicate ornaments and string lights from damage, it is recommended to use clear plastic bins or specialized storage containers with dividers. Label each container clearly to ensure easy identification and retrieval.


Toys: When it comes to storing kids’ toys, it’s important to strike a balance between accessibility and organization. Consider using labeled bins or stackable storage containers to store toys based on their type or category. Additionally, shelves or cabinets with adjustable shelves can help keep toys organized while allowing easy access for children. Scooters and bikes are best left hanging on hooks using rail systems made by companies like Ryobi and Rubbermaid.


Outdoor Camping Gear, including tents, sleeping bags, and cooking equipment, can take up substantial space in a garage. Opt for large plastic storage bins or duffel bags to store camping gear efficiently. Label each container to quickly identify and retrieve specific items when planning your next outdoor adventure. HDX makes a great line of black storage bins and yellow lids that are excellent for stacking in a packed garage.

If you want your garage picture perfect and the envy of the neighborhood there are closet companies like Desert Sky Closets who offer customized modular cabinets that look great and can be ordered with high quality acrylic doors, easy glide doors and other features you would expect to see in a high end kitchen.

Effectively organizing your garage requires thoughtful consideration of the specific storage needs of various items. By utilizing suitable storage solutions you can create a well-organized garage space. Remember, the key is to maximize space utilization, enhance accessibility, and protect your belongings from damage. With a well-organized garage, you can easily locate items, enjoy your hobbies, and maintain a clutter-free environment.

Kevin Connors is a professional organizer in Phoenix, AZ and the Director of Membership for the NAPO Arizona Chapter. He enjoys traveling and golf in his spare time.

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