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October Mixed Bag

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Wow, that weather changed fast! My sweaters are out, the heated-floor schedule is on in our bathroom and I am fending off Jay’s repeated requests for flannel sheets (not until November!)

The month of October is like the on-ramp to holiday, we’re getting our last licks in on outdoor activities before hunkering down inside with a good book, a house project or two and a list of comfort-foody things to cook & bake. So that’s what I’ve got for you in this month’s Mixed Bag: a message from the pickleball bandwagon, some decluttering encouragement, a book recommendation and the pleasure I get from a good photo project. Please enjoy!


I realize how late I am to the pickleball party, but just as the weather is turning crappy I’m here to report I’m all in! How did it take me this long to get on board? It really wasn’t on my radar at all until a couple of good friends reeled me in. If you already play pickleball feel free to ditch this memo but if you don’t, let me tell you why you should go online right now and purchase a paddle & balls!

I started playing halfway through this summer (despite having received 2 paddle sets last Christmas) so it hasn’t been very long but here are the reasons why I’m loving it:

  1. It adds variety to my fitness routine

  2. It involves spending time with friends (and making new ones!)

  3. It happens outside

  4. It’s fun to learn something new (the scoring in particular takes some practice)

  5. It’s a great excuse to invest in tennis skirts

The first 4 reasons I love it are also reasons it is great for my physical and mental health. The season is winding down now but it’s been a super-fun 2 months. Next season I aspire to a regular game, playing in a tournament (there is one in my neighborhood!) and definitely a tennis dress! Stay tuned!


Decluttering is an evergreen subject because so many people struggle with it. We accumulate so much stuff over a lifetime; our childhood stuff, our parents’ stuff, our grandparents stuff, our kids’ stuff. Many people don’t realize the heavy burden they are carrying by keeping all of that stuff. Sometimes it’s merely a lack of time or motivation to go through it and purge, but often there are complicated feelings associated with letting go of All The Things: guilt, obligation, sentimentality, anger, nostalgia, fear, perceived investment. There are so many reasons people have a hard time getting rid of things that are no longer serving them; I believe if more knew the feelings of liberation and joy that are waiting for them on the other side of decluttering they would be less fearful about reaching out for help. I have witnessed these emotions with 100% of my clients, and the feelings are big every time. If you are considering a decluttering project, whether it’s with help or on your own, please forge ahead. It is hard but the rewards are big and lasting, and you can do hard things!


If you are reading this blog and also happen to be someone who gets a Christmas gift from me then…spoiler alert! In my eternal quest for increasing the number of healthy, active years I have left in my life I’m always on the lookout for new content on the topic. I’m kind of picky because I don’t consider myself to be super science-y and I will absolutely tune out of a book that is too academic. I first heard Dr. Peter Attia on Armchair Expert and when the episode was over I immediately went to Audible and got the book. I listened to it as I walked Gus, drove to client sessions or went for a run and finished it pretty quickly! This book validated everything health-related that I’m currently working to incorporate into my life and Dr. Attia lays it out in a way that is clear, easy to follow and personal. I was inspired after almost every listening session to call someone I had been thinking about during that particular chapter (Dr. Attia covers everything from the 4 horsemen of chronic disease: cardiovascular, cancer, neurodegenerative and metabolic to the role of exercise and nutrition to mental health. I feel armed with new knowledge and inspired to continue on the path I’m currently on to be healthy, strong, happy and very active well into my 80’s. My mom never got there and it was her stroke 8 years ago that first got me going on this topic. Anyway – this book is easily in my top 5 for 2023, check out Dr. Attia’s website if you are curious – in addition to the book he also has a newsletter and a podcast. Good stuff!

Lives in Photos

I have several photo projects going on right now and I’m having so much fun with them I’m moved to record it. I’ve been doing this for awhile now and have realized there are 3 aspects of photo organizing project that bring me great joy:

  1. The degree of overflowing happiness my clients express when I deliver a completed photo library. Not only was it something that was causing them stress but the new level of accessibility they have to the record of their lives is overwhelming. It surprises me every time how grateful they are.

  2. Watching kids grow up. In any scanning or album project there are usually multiple decades involved and I’ve been surprised to realize how much pleasure I get from watching the children of my clients (or in some cases, my clients themselves!) grow up through the photo documentation. The really surprising part is that this is true whether I know the client personally or not 😂

  3. The joy of decluttering. Of course I love to declutter, that’s why I started this business in the first place. But there is something about getting rid of albums that were taking up huge amounts of space or removing a gazillion duplicates from a digital library that gives me so much satisfaction. The clients don’t see this part of the process, it’s just me having a little satisfaction celebration with myself. I recognize this is a little weird, but it’s also what makes me really good at what I do!

No big moral to this story, only some recent insights I’m sharing just because. And a plug for my services if your photo life is in any sort of disarray (though I’m pretty busy at the moment so there may be some backlog this month as I work through my current photo projects!)

Happy October All! I’m plotting dates for Pumpkin Bread, watching my Niners dominate early in this NFL season and missing my kiddos but smiling wide as I watch them spread their wings. This month I’m moving toward the Hunker Down, but first, a few last games of pickleball!

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