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Tame The Photo Madness

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Question: What is something that hardly anyone has heard of but almost everyone needs? Answer: A Digital Photo Organization Package.

Question: So Digital Photo Organizing is a thing? Answer: Yup.

Question: When is the right time to get my photos organized? Answer: After you’ve taken a year’s worth of photos (so unless you are a 10 year old with a phone, now is the time!)

We take so many pictures now that our cameras are our phones and those phones are available to capture whatever we want literally 24 hours a day. You’ve been meaning to organize your photos but the months go by and turn into years which also go by (faster it seems lately, doesn’t it?) and the Camera Roll count keeps creeping higher and higher. Could it be time to accept some help? Yes? Let ME tame that beast for you; you have better things to do!

I offer Digital Organizing packages to help folks tame their photo madness. What is in a Digital Organizing Package? Well basically I organize your entire digital photo collection for you remotely and back it up properly to the cloud. The process looks like this:

  • Initial Meeting/Call On this call we’ll identify your photo sources (phones, computers, clouds, memory cards, external hard drives. etc.), select your preferred cloud service, install required software and set up and external hard drive.

  • Consolidation I will Work Independently after the initial call, working my magic while you are off doing more important/fun/active things. My first steps will be to copy your photos from all of the individual sources to one digital hub.

  • Remove Duplicates This is where it gets really fun, I use specialized software to identify and remove any duplicates in your collection. This step usually yields hundreds of GB of data – like magic!

  • Organize Next I tame that unorganized chaos into a simple chronological system of Month/Year folders, also preserving any previous organizing work you may have done in the past that is helpful to you.

  • Backup Finally, I back up your new, beautifully organized library to the cloud so you can access it from any device! The end result is a library that lives in multiple places, both physical and digital and is protected against loss.

  • Maintenance I will pass on steps & recommendations to maintain your library going forward or if that isn’t appealing to you I can provide an annual Maintenance Package to keep you on track

It’s really quite magical and is all happening while you are just going about your life (taking more pictures!) I have a passion for preserving memories that connect us to the people, places and moments that shape who we are. It’s really quite fun for me, which sounds weird I know but let me put my neurosis to work for you! If you have been thinking about how great it would be to have your whole life in photos organized, accessible and backed up but thoughts like the ones below keep running through your head…

“I don’t have time”

“The mess is too big”

“My photos are in too many places”

“My computer is too slow”

“I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake and lose everything”

“I’m not ready, there are too many emotional triggers”

I’m here for you! I can take care of this for you and turn your photo collection into something you can actually use and enjoy. I have info on Packages and Pricing here on the website as well as FAQs that go deeper to answer any questions you may have. This is such a worthwhile investment in something that matters in your life – your memories! Have a great week friends!

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